I'm a Linux Systems Administrator based in Sydney.

Picture by Anthea Wright.

In mid 2014 I made a massive change to my life and moved interstate, away from my friends and family in Adelaide, to Sydney in order to further my career. Since then I have stepped up and moved from Technical Support to System Administration.

I have over 2018 years of IT experience in general, and have worked in the Hosting and Telecommunication industries. I run a personal homelab which I use to learn new things about technology and practise the art of automating almost everything.

I value freedom and privacy, and support the priciples of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). In my spare time I participate in archery with the Medieval Archery Society, and impose my will onto steel by blacksmithing.

My preferred method of contact is through email, my GPG Key is avaliable for encrypted communications. I also have a LinkedIn page, but do not update it much.

Years in IT

Years as a Sysadmin

8+ 3+